Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wow another year...

I had a wow moment recently.

I work for a company that is very well known in the fashion industry and appearance is everything.

I haven't been in the situation in a long time to tell my story to someone who doesn't know me. I have moved from my previous department to another and met another person who where I was just 3 years ago... although it feels like a lifetime it wasnt. I don't quite remember how the conversation came up but I never miss the oppurtunity to tell someone how great my life has been since the lapband surgery.

We began talking and it turns out that she actually had attended a seminar years and years ago. After quite a few conversations and showing her my before and after photos she took the first step :) She booked another seminar for the lap band. Being the person I am I immediately stepped up and said I would go as her support! You don't have to be best friends or even know someone a whole lot to know what they are going through, the pain they feel, and the daily struggles life can be as an obese person.

A few weeks went by and we attended the seminar with my surgeon at the helm. After she asked a few questions and I chatted it up with the doctor.

She is still working through the paper work process and money is a factor for her. Although everyone must realize that YOUR life is worth a whole lot more than a penny in your pocket... things work out for a reason.

I am so overly joyed at how my surgery went, my post op, my weight loss, and my emotional well being.

I couldnt have asked for anything more! Thank you Dr. Yarbrough :)

Update on me: My weight has stalled. I am not so much about getting the number on the scale down as I am about toning up what I have and getting a little healthier. I would like to go back to running but I need some nice running shoes (they are on my xmas list) and I need to see a doctor about the large callous that has formed from when I was running last year.

Happy Bandin to ALL!!