Monday, June 27, 2011


Well I dropped off the face of the earth for a while. So I will try to make this brief.

I lost 113lbs with my lapband in 3 years YAY!! So while I was almost at goal I began having a harder and harder time getting food down. Even though I hadnt had a fill in over a year the band was tightening more and more.

I went to Dr. Folek in January of 2011 to find that I had a small slip (any slip to me is huge) she said that we would take all the saline out and try in 30 days to reintroduce some of the saline.

Long story short she gave me the same song and dance every month for 4 months. I finally asked for a revision after gaining 25lbs back. She said that I was too young and active enough to continue down the path I was on with the band. She actually wanted to take it out and put another one in. She wasn't my original surgeon thankfully because I would never have chosen her. I was handed her at a center of excellence (or lack of excellence)

I went to Steve Terisigni in Coosbay for a 2nd opinion. He immediately saw me and my chart and decided on the RNY revision... so I guess I should start a new blog wtih a new name because in 2 weeks I will be RNY For health!! So nervous and excited.

7/12/2011 is my new anniversary :)