Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Milk and Pedometers lol

I thought about getting a BodyBugg... I even had the money at one point but I decided against it. It's just too hard to conceal for everyday life. I work around alot of people and I really wouldn't want to have to explain 20 x a day what I was wearing on my arm. So I put a Pedometer on my Christmas list. My DH got it for me :) So I set it all up last night and today is my first day wearing it.

I have an office job and moving around isn't a huge requirement... bad I know but jeez I get a comfy chair!! LOL so today I am just going to chill like a normal day to see what the results say... It's going to be embarassing I know it.. but the truth hurts. Seriously.

I am going to try to make a personal goal to try to outdo what I did the day before.

On a side note.. I like milk. Weird and random I know. But I have such a huge craving right now for milk that I had to stop and get 1/2 a gallon omw to work so I could put it in the fridge. I have already had 2 large glasses... Slap me for not measuring. Even good things are bad for you when it's in excess!

Monday, December 29, 2008

5 day pouch test... Getting back on track!

Well no news to report in the weight loss front. I can deal with that though... The scale was very much in my favor the last week so I thought I would not be so hard on myself if it didn't budge.

I found a thread on LBT about the 5 day pouch test and detoxing after all the wonderful things that everyone eats during the holidays. So... I am joining in. I think this is good for everyone to do (unless they have medical issues)I am beginning my run of it with 1 day on liquids.. This is just to clear myself out a little. Then onto the 5 day test. I am not really excited about doing it but I need to get back into the bandster swing of things. I have been a slow loser for a couple months and this might jump start me again and get me outta the old habits.

Here is the thread that Boo Boo Kitty began :


Here is how you take the 5 day test ( you don't need to buy the book it's all posted online)

5 day Pouch test

If you want to join in and be very supportive of all the other LBT'ers by all means please join in.

We check the negatives at the door on this thread please.

P.S here's a pic of my pearl ear rings I got for xmas!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and a loss!

Well I had a super awesome christmas. I will post some pics from the family get together once they email them to me. I got everything I wanted and more!!

I woke up this morning with another loss! I am 198. I realized on christmas that I was able to eat alot more than I was able to for the past couple months. I think my band was too tight to start with from the last fill. I don't wanna go get a fill though before I leave for hawaii and be miserable. So I am going to sit on this and see how it goes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Oh ya! You can't see me... Atleast I hope not cause it's 4:30am but I am doing a dance!!!!!!! It's called the ONEDERLAND dance :) I am the happiest person alive right now.
I told myself that my xmas gift to myself was Onederland and I did it. The best part was I did it on Xmas eve day (If theres such a thing lol)

When I had this surgery I had so much hope that I could acheive my goals. However, always in the back of my mind I was thinking don't get your hopes up too much. I am starting to feel like the band was really the answer to my weight issues. I am down 72 pounds! 72 pounds and 10 pant sizes! That's an asston (Pardon the french) I can't believe it is all I can say.

I have the best family (Mostly my inlaws) and DH that supported me through all of this. I can't express how happy I am. I will just keep working towards my goals and know that it might not be tomorrow that I weigh 150 and run 5 miles ... But I see it in my future now!

Not only did I not think I would be marrying the best man in the world on the most beautiful tropical beach in the world..... I NEVER DREAMED I WOULD WEIGH UNDER 200 WHEN IT HAPPENED.


Wedding countdown in progress!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

Well still stuck at 200. I plan to mix it up a tiny bit this week to see if I can get under 200.

I had an awesome weekend. I got to go shopping with the bestest guy in the world.. Well it was suppose to be xmas shopping for others. I ended up with a new pair of D&G sunglasses from the Hut, 2 pairs of jeans from aeropostale, lip gloss from victoria secret. Then I went home wrapped presents and just chilled.

My son and I made brownies too I think they are the best brownies ever!! I even ate one and I hate sweets :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guess it wasn't a cold??

So weird... I woke up this morning to no runny nose! I had it 1 day or was it allergies in December? I have never had them this time of the year. Oh well it's gone for now so that is good.

I didn't lose any weight the last couple day blah!! I wish I could see 199 or less on my scale :(

I went to JCP the other day and bought 4 pairs of jeans 3 were size 14 and 1 was a 12. I hate when pants stretch out and look baggy part way through the day.. So the last 2 that were 14's that I wore stretched out so freaking bad they look horrible! I have to take those 2 back I can't wear these things like this.

I did find a pair of jeans at Aeropostale size 13/14's that I LOVE! I just might take the JCP ones back to get more of these. I wore them twice and never stretched out... Plus it helps that they are super cute.

It rained here all night even though they kept telling us that it was going to be snow! Yippeee now all the snow is gone and we can all drive like bats outta hell again.

It's getting closer to Kuaui wedding time :) I think we have a little over 1 month 2 weeks! I still haven't gotten my wedding dress back from the seamstress that was altering it for me. I should give her a call!

71 Pounds lighter!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Uggh I think I have a cold!

Ok so on with the weather forecast. Its suppose to be around 30 today with freezing rain and up to 6" of snow. How the hell does that happen in the valley in Oregon? That's not normal! I am praying that it doesn't dump anymore on us. Right now the streets look like a skating rink. Schools been cancelled for the last 2 days but finally reopened today.

This morning my eyes were watering, itching and burning.... My nose was like a faucet. Stupid me decided to take an allergy pill. BIG MISTAKE I have almost dozed off 2x now at my desk. I can't wait for it to wear off this is just as miserable as a runny nose :(

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's freaking Cold

Well so nothing lost nothing gained today. It doesn't snow alot where I live but it did the other day.. Then it froze solid. It's freaking 12 degrees outside! That doesn't happen here either. It's not suppose to get over 29 today so looks like we get to slide on into work again tomorrow.

Today for some reason I had a craving for Cottage cheese. Turns out it's actually a superfood! I bought the fat free and it only has 80 calories with 12 grams of protein! Thats awesome. I was barely able to get the 1 serving down though at 1/2 a cup... Thats the max of anything I can eat.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Onederland ALMOST!

I don't know why it happened but it did... I lost another pound. That's 3 pounds this week and I haven't changed a thing! I have lost 71 pounds now I am completely in awe of myself.

I don't think I could get any closer to Onderland!

Todays a great day so far. I woke up to a winter wonderland... it was beautiful. I love to look at the snow but I really hate to have to go out in it. The drive to work was super slow. I only live a few miles from my work though.

Edited for Title... Ol' man thought it was typo!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Xmas shopping

Oh man did I earn my keepc today trying to weave in and out of the crowds today.... Just in search of the perfect gift for others. Wow what pain! I am finally finished other than the 3 gifts I need to purchase online. I should do that now but I have to go wrap my sons gift so he doesn't get nosey and find his :)

He is gonna have a great xmas it's gonna be fun.

I can't wait for February 5th... it's so cold. Suppose to snow tomorrow I hope it doesn't though. Hawaii in less than 2 months here I COME!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I lost an Irish Setter!

Holy cow this morning I hit 70lbs Lost!!! OMG I have lost an Irish setter. I dunno what it is but hey I know I lost a dog and its more than my bulldog!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stress stress and well umm more stress!

I am good and holding strong at 202. I would rather be going down cause I am so anxious being so close to 200 but I am keeping it cool. I am really watching what I eat and trying to avoid empty calories.

My mom had a health scare this week. The doctors say she is going to pull through and be ok so that sets my mind at ease.

I get to go tomorrow again to see her and will spend some time with my in laws.

I bought a couple christmas presents today too since we have some raiders fans in the family. I think they root for them because they are originally from Oakland. It's kinda fun to root for the under dog... Plus I like their colors lol. I bought this for one family member:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not feeling so well

I was so tired last night that I fell asleep sitting up but it felt good to take a cat nap. When I woke up this morning I had a headache so I took some Aleve. Within about 30 seconds of taking it I felt like I was going to puke. I ran for the bathroom and dry heaved about 3 times. Then all the sudden the feeling was gone... I feel hot then cold too once in a while. I don't know if I am coming down with something or taking the pills and a gulp of water hit my band wrong. I hope it just hit the band wrong. Either way I have my reaglan close at hand in case I keep puking.

Right now I am sipping (TEENY TINY SIPS) of Creamy Tomato Parmesan Bisque from Campbells soup at hand. OMG I never thought it would be this good. It's 200 calories and low in protein (5 Grams) and high in sodium... This isn't something I would eat everyday.. But it's my guilty pleasure today and it will come back up easy if I am really sick.

I hope I am able to eat more and get something else down later. I was drooling packing my lunch this morning I brought fresh squid I love it and it's so good for you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Waiting in the hotel

I already posted today but I can't wait to go to Nine Inch Nails. They are playing at the Rosegarden in 1 hour!

Countdown to Onderland.

1LB lost and going to NIN!!

Well today is a big day.... I woke up this morning and I was 1 pound lighter!! That's the first time the scale has moved in 2 weeks. I am going to see NIN tonight too so hopefully will burn a few more calories :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well it's finally friday. I still have nothing to report in the weight department. However, for the weirdest reason I pb'd on a glass of milk today then ate atleast a cup of salad with an oz of shrimp on it. Wow theres just no way to explain the lapband other than...... FICKLE. Wth I didn't even do anything wrong when I was drinking my milk. Oh well it was kinda nice eating that much food.

I don't really want to go in for a fill because I don't want to be really tight when I go to hawaii... It's looking like I might have to though. We will see in a few more weeks if it doesn't seem to either stay or tighten back up then I will have to have it adjusted.

When I had surgery I wore a 22/24 in womens. I have on some 14's today. I still hung onto a pair or 2 of 16's .. But they have to go. I wore them yesterday and I must have been in denial because I couldn't stand up without having to pull them up! Even my belts too big I need a new one. I will add it to my xmas list.

Ok let me see.. I want a new SUV, all new snow gear, a snow board and a new belt lol


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Less Stress?

During the last month I have bounced between 203-206. I usually have a 3 pound range depending on the day and time of month. Well I was staying at the higher end and finally today went back to 203. I hope that means I finally get to see a lower number soon.

Well it’s finally Thursday. I read that today is statistically the least stressful work day… I wonder if that’s true? I would think that it would be Friday.

I am getting excited because this weekend I have another concert. I am going to go see NIN. I think this will be my 3rd or 4th time… Super excited. Maybe all the jumping around will burn some calories

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hump Day Hooray!

Hooray it’s hump day (Bleh get your mind outta the gutter!) I am pulling my hair out that the scale won’t move. Probably my own fault since I haven’t got up off my a$$ lately to go for a run let alone a walk…. It’s so cold outside though L

I started tanning in November to get ready for my Hawaii trip at the beginning of February…. My tans really starting to pop so that’s got me excited. I know I shouldn’t tan but I got very little sun growing up so I think a small exposure should be fine.

Wedding countdown in progress!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I feel like this is how my hair looks today!

Well it's Tuesday and I am still kinda blah. I know I have alot of cleaning to do when I get home maybe that's why.

Well the scale hasn't budged so I am crossing my fingers that I will see something in the next few days. Seems like I have been able to eat a tiny bit more than usual... But I am hoping that's a plus since I had been working through what I thought to be slightly too tight. I decided back in October to sit on this fill through my trip to Hawaii.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Blues

Naa I don't mind my job. I actually like it and enjoy most of the people I work with. However, I don't like Mondays they throw me for a loop.

Anyway so yeah I had a good weekend and holiday. Friday I got to take my dress in for a fitting and finalized how I wanted the sleeves and beading done. I am anxious to see how that will come out. I am suppose to get it back in a couple weeks. I was secretly hoping to lose a bunch and then have to have it taken in again. LOL Even if I have to pay for it again that would make me feel good.