Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lap Band Talk

So it's really no suprise that Alex at LBT wasn't willing to make a change and have Susan step down as mod. That's ok Karma bites you in the ass everytime. I obviously won't be going back to LBT along with many of my friends.

I would like to let everyone know a little something about the site. When you're new and researching the band the place seems great. Although once you begin to look at the inner workings of the site, the mods, how things are handled, and the favortism it's very child like.

The main mod in question is Susan. Susan has made herself an open book. While on the boards she has made it clear that...

1. Her husband was bumping uglies with his ex wife
2. Her daughter in law hates her
3. She logs in as her husband on his facebook
4. She isn't able to fight her own battles
5. Doesn't take responsibility for her actions

Theres many reasons that alot of people at LBT have issues with her. Mine is mostly because she decided to pick on a friend of mine. After having a 'bad week' she decided to post things on her facebook such as "She was going to have to put the smack down" and Telling Rhonda to shut up and have another glass of wine. As an adult and a mod her emotions should be left out of it.

The other reason I have a problem with her being a mod is she doesn't even have a god damn lap band. She has a sleeve. YAY for you Susan.

My recommendation to you Susan.. Get off the computer, spend time with your family, and work on your self esteem. Running to a forum where you know no one to spew your life about your family is wrong. Fix it... To do that you're gonna have to step back into reality.

Oh and PS Alex over at LBT makes coinage off the ads he has on his site.. They aren't places he endorses because he believes in them. They are just willing to pay the most to be on there.


Anonymous said...

I have no CLUE what is going on . I have not been on LBT in quite some time. I will say a few things. I too am ( again have not been on LBT in a while ) a mod on LBT. Does Alex make money on his ads ? Yes , but so does EVERYONE ELSE who runs a site like that. It allows him to keep going .
Also Susan does not have a band NOW , she had it revised . So she DID have a band and can relate to people on there. There are other area's now such as sleeve patients forums.
Also as for her putting her life on the board. So does LOTS Of other people. They feel safe there, I personally see nothing wrong w/ it. If someone does not want to read abotu someone's personal life then dont read it.
I find it a little disturbing that you have taken so much time and appeared ot have started an " I hate Susan " type forum. That's a little odd. I dont know you nor do i know the "beef" you have with Susan or Alex. But if its a big one then LBT is not for you . However going around and spewing nasty things about people i dont think is the right way to do it .

Bipley said...

Mindy, you are wrong. You are my friend and I adore you to pieces but you have no idea all the things that have gone on over the past few months. I will call you and you will know the WHOLE truth. Brandy doesn't even know the whole truth but I will call her and tell her. It will reinforce what she already knows to be truth.

Mindy, we need to chat. You will be singing Brandy's praises when you know everything.

Anonymous said...

K calling ya now ! I might have to recant LOL

Bipley said...

Mindy... We chatted, what do you think NOW? ;o)

Lap Band Journey said...

Everyone has a right to their opinion. I didn't start a hate susan on FB I started a step down as mod... Just as if someone would call for any other leader to step down who doesn't do their job correctly.

labmom said...

well - as a long timer (sorta) on LBT, one who hasn't seen mindy in a while - there is a lot more to this big picture.

it's brandy's blog - she gets full use to say what she wants to & she's beyond dead-on w/out saying a whole lot more.

the alex & susan fan club can go create their own blog....hahaha who am i kidding the traffic their will be less than at LBT right now.

Gloucester said...

Mindy, we met in real life at the La you remember?

Back then I LOVED lbt and thought the world of the mods who take crap.

But, recently things have come to light and I was personally involved with being attacked.

I give as good as I get and I am an extremely nice person; however I don't take too kindly to being treated like crap.

I appreciate that you believe you're coming out in defense of your friend(s) but there was a lot more behind the scenes that wasn't shown.

And Susan's "poor me" routine has gotten old.

Beth said...

Well, with what I knew before and what I know now, I hope to GOD that place goes down in flames. And I don't say that lightly because I truly believe it is a great place to exchange information and make friends. I also do not say it as a personal thing. I say what I do because what is going on there is beyond wrong and evil. It's like I took the red pill and see things differently than I did when I was under the control of the blue pill. :(

Gloucester said...

Ah...sorry Mindy - I thought you were MindyinTexas from LBT.

Correction: You and I did not meet at the La Madeline. :)


But, I am a very nice person, that part is still true.

labmom said...

i understand 'mindyNTexas' to be coltonwade.

beth - DEAD ON.
there is a whole lot more going one & it keeps on coming.

Brandy said...

Bipley if I knew how to contact you I would! Sorry I don't recognize the name atm.. You can email me at I would LOOOOOVe to hear what you have to say.


Bipley said...


I just emailed you.

Anonymous said...

I think i am MindyNtexas but cant remember if I am on LBT or not LMAO
Im a ding dong. Did we meet at LeMadeline once ? Probably so i live in Austin do you ?
Ya'll are right I have been away from LBT for a while due to personal reasons so i dont know what is going on . I am looking into it and keeping my eyes and ears open . I am trying to get back on there to see how things are . I probably spoke too son on this before i knew all the facts.
Soo sorry about that.

Lady Lap Band said...

wow I didn't realize there was such drama on LBT I will have to pay closer attention.

Congrats on your success so far!

Eminia said...

@ Gloucester....LOL...Lap band surgery

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