Monday, October 19, 2009

Got my ass kicked at the gym this weekend

I did a bootcamp at my local gym this weekend.. WOW that was hard. I kept up though and finished the class.

I have to say though that I did my standard 30 minute run and got through it with flying colors.. Then I thought I would play on the rowing machine as this is the first time I have tried it. I was on it for 20 minutes and did about 26/27 per minute. I got off of it not feeling like much had been worked.

This is 2 days later and my shoulders and upper arms feel like jello... OMG they are so sore. I shouldve listened to Lulu when she said it works ya hard.

I plana to do it again though once my arms are back to normal.

Today I run though.


The Former Fat Girl said...

Yep ! I know the feeling. I did a boot camp as well on friday but they focused on lower body so needless to say getting up from a sitting position was murder !! But back to it today right !!??

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